All’in Studio


Create Engagement, like In Real Life 


Why is it important?

During the COVID-19 crisis, we all had to adapt and somehow use digital tools to stay in touch with our employees and customers.


While this made it possible to continue “working”, the value delivered did not meet our expectations… At the same time, it developed our uses, and opened our minds to new ways of communicating and interacting.


All-In Studio proposes to reinvent the way of using these digital tools, not trying to replicate face-to-face events, but proposing a new way that will allow remote interactions to bring all the value that we expect from successful events.


For the organizer, “All-in” makes it possible to “give everything” to his audience, the best of himself, personalized attention, strong individual bond, even with a large number of participants.


For the participant, “All-in” means that everything is in place so that he fully participates, gets involved as never before and contributes to get the value he came to get.

Unique benefits…

Speaker Immersion

Our Studios immerse you among the participants, visually and audibly. You see each of the participants on the giant video wall which also presents you with the key elements you need, when you need them. Now you can perform at your best and manage the venue efficiently!

Participant Immersion 

Each participant feels part of a whole! His video shows both what is happening on stage but also the reaction of the other participants. On his big screen, he has the impression that the speakers have invited themselves to his home! He can follow the event in even more detail than in person.

100% Meaningful

In Communication the message is received for 7% by the verbal (words), 38% by the paraverbal (intonation), and 55% by the non-verbal (expressions). All’In has been designed to effectively convey 100% of the message, especially with the use of 1080p HD video transmission for images rich in detail.

Rich & simplified Interaction

The opening and closing of the microphones is handled for you. You see the participants who want to intervene and raise their hands in front of their cameras. Thanks to the mobile applications, participants can participate in group activities during the program (surveys, quizzes, …) and really share the experience with others.

Coaching & MC

Our Coach accompanies you before the event to increase the impact of your event, whether it is on the structuring of the session (the activities, the rhythms, the interludes) as on the communication in the studio. You can also entrust us with the animation (Master of Ceremony) of your event and let yourself be carried away!

You are in the room!

Whatever your option, our Studios immerse you among the participants. You face them and interact with them as you would in the room.

Your "Control Room"

All the useful information is presented in front of you. All the videos of the participants of course, but also your slides, your comments, and many other customizable possibilities.

Focus on the audience!

In front of the video wall, you forget about the cameras and focus on your presentation and the participants. You feel the room, you naturally address the participants, individually.

A custom remote

Thanks to the speaker remote, you control the progress of the presentation: slide slides, change of configuration of the video wall in front of you, the video received by the participants …

A customisable video wall

Depending on your desire (and your need), you choose the information that the video wall must present to you in a clear manner: participant videos, current slide, speaker commentary, full sclae active participant…

 … in addition to “standard” benefits!


Brought back to the participant, the costs of a remote event are much lower than face-to-face.


More Participants

Thanks to the quality of the platform used, you can address several hundred or even thousands of participants

More Dynamic

Participants receive a quality audiovisual program at home that immerses them in the event.

Promote your brand

The organizers and sponsors of the event are promoted in the audiovisual production.


Breakout rooms

Participants can meet in small groups to meet and produce collaboratively during the event.



The event is recorded, you keep track of what happened.

On the giant screen, I could make out the small nods of the distant participants!

Jean-Jacques Lutz, All’in webinar speaker
Founder All’in Webinars, DESIGN#43

I felt as if the speaker was with me in the room!

Thierry Harquin, All’in webinar participant
Air Traffic Management Cooperation, Airbus Engineering

I really felt surrounded by my collaborators

Pascal Fenasse, All’in webinar speaker

President & Founder InSitu Groupe

Three flavors for three needs

DeskStudio has been designed to allow you to deliver a quality event on your own, while fully focusing your attention on the participants.

Ideal for your trainings, your team meetings or formal presentations to your clients (up to 30 participants).

RoomStudio allows you to fully immerse yourself within the participants, you feel the state of the room, you interact seamlessly with them.

Thanks to the production team, forget the nuts & bolts and focus on the content and the exchanges with the participants.

StageStudio immerses you in the conditions of an event where you would be on stage!

Address several hundreds of participant, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the room, interact in a personal way with the public. Develop the bond between the participants, who feel part of the group!

Get your All’in Webinar
at the price of “standard event” catering!